“Sagas from Past to the Future”

  • Title of the project: “Sagas from Past to the Future”
  • Programme: Erasmus +
  • Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
  • Action: Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only
    This is a partnership between schools from 6 European countries :
  • Duration: 1.09.2015-1.09.2017
    Coordonator : Sweden

The aim of our project is to help students to achieve their skills to overcome failure, to promote success, self-confidence, self-esteem, participatory spirit, social acceptance and over all basic skills.

The Project has helped the pupils in many ways such as: prevent social exclusion, prevention of early school leaving, developing foreign language learning, national and international consciousness, improving ICT skills.
Our project had effective strategies for enhancing basic skills and promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people with its activities during two years.
Beneath the work on literature in common and especially sagas, the project’s main focus has been on acting and performing in a photo story, considered a modern from of art. The students were equipped with possible methods to exceed their personal horizon, to study other people’s lives and destiny in examples, and, accordingly, to adapt those new insights to their own lives. Thus, the students were taught key skills being vital in today’s world of work: team spirit, working together for one goal, and contribute with own ideas.