Through our project all the six partners intended to create both short-term and long-term tangible and intangible results and to achieve the biggest possible impact to future projects and policy processes such as leading students to overcome lack of self-esteem.

We set up the project website in order to provide continuous access to the general information of the project activities, progress and results, wrote newspaper reports and created on-site panels and leaflets to inform non-specialist audience about the project’s background and main results, created personalized objects which were spread in the community, cultivated effective partnerships between trainers, educators, and community organizations so as to amplify our collective impact on the students we serve.
We created a logo of the project, posters, calendar for 2016, a photobook with CD and a booklet.

The website (produced by Romania-2016)

The PHOTOBOOK (produced by SPAIN -2017)

The POSTERS from the Students’exchange meetings (produces by Germany-2017)

 Our     ERASMUS_BROCHURE 2017 is here !  (produced by Hungary)

The movie The Silver of Timsberg  (produced in Sweden 2017)

You can watch  THE MOVIE  HERE>

The Project helped pupils in many ways such as: prevented social exclusion, prevented of early school leaving, developed foreign language learning, national and international consciousness, improved ICT skills.