Activity No C1
Type of activity:  Short term exchange of students
Place: Erkrath, Germany
Date: 14th  to 20th February 2016
The activities were carried out as scheduled, over five days:  from Monday, February 14th  to  Friday, February 19th   2016,  at School Gymnasium am Neandertal , in city Erkrath, Germany.


The theme of the meeting was “A legendary  animal”,  all teams doing  activities in  their own schools of preparation for the  meeting.

Thus, before the meeting the  students studied various national legends that had animal characters and finally selected one legend which translated it into English and presented it in power-point format.
The meeting started with the official discourse of the head teacher  and the introduction made by the German team teachers  after which  followed the presentations of each school and of the specific legend, made by the students of each school.12729349_176530959391733_2558285890452668913_n

The meeting program included daily learning activities / teaching for students in the various workshops:
–  Dancing- theater workshop on the theme of the legendary animals proposed  by each country,

–  Art workshop – students carved in wood every animal of legend;
–  Creative writing workshop – where students used their imagination, creativity and English language knowledge to write their own legends based on the pictures with Legendary characters ;


– Documentation workshop- opinions about the Erasmus week  in schools and interviews for local radio (made by students in Germany).

Meetings were held with the Mayor of Erkrath city , reception at the City Hall where participants  shared their impressions about the project Erasmus +.

Pupils and teachers of all six countries were involved in sports and games activities
where they created mixed teams, thus creating the opportunity for interaction, knowing each other, developing important life skills such as: communication, competitive spirit, respect for other nations, tolerance and social acceptance.

The Project organizers in Germany offered participants the opportunity to better know the German history, culture and civilization by organising short trips to places of historical and scientific significance of the area: Cologne Cathedral, Neanderthal Museum- famous for its archeological discoveries related to human history.