Activity No C3
Type of activity:  Short term exchange of students
Place: Dorohoi, ROMANIA
Date:   3rd to 7th  October  2016

The activities were carried out as scheduled, over five days:  from Monday,  3rd to  Friday,  7th  October  2016,  at School “Stefan cel Mare” Dorohoi- Dorohoi, ROMANIA


During the five working days, the teams from Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, together with the students and teachers from the host School „Stefan cel Mare” Dorohoi, Romania, participated in learning and training activities with the theme Legendary places that aimed at:

  • familiarizing  the students with  the legendary  places of each partner country;
    familiarizing pupils with legends and legendary locations in Romania, especially the famous Dracula Legend;
  • promoting Romanian traditions and cultural values;
  • creating opportunities for the development of social skills and communication in English.

Workshops were organized for students such as Art and Creation, Theater, Traditional Dance and Sports Games. The students worked in mixed teams and learned to create Dracula masks, to play roles- the characters of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” , to discover traditional Romanian dance and to participate in some sports and outdoor activities.

The meeting agenda included meetings with representatives of the local community on the occasion of the welcome ceremony, organized in school, the official meeting with the mayor of the city, at the Dorohoi City Hall and the celebration the International Music Day at the “George Enescu” Museum,  in collaboration  with other schools in the city.



Study visits took place in various  legendary locations among which Tihuta Pass (Borgo Pass), where Bram Stoker imagined Dracula’s Castle. Here the students participated in team workshops where they created their own modern versions of the legend and played the roles in front of the camera. The final result was the creation of a photo  story by each team, a product that represented the main purpose of the  activities for the meeting in Romania.

For the smooth running of the activities,  a decisive role was played by the close collaboration of the organizers of  School “Ştefan cel Mare” Dorohoi with the entire local community: pupils’ parents, representatives of the City Hall, representatives of various institutions in the city;