Activity No C2
Type of activity:  Short term exchange of students
Place: Coria del Río, Sevilla, SPAIN
Date:   3rd to 10th  April 2016


  The activities were carried out as scheduled, over five days:  from Monday,  4th  to  Friday,  8th  April 2016,  at School IES Rodrigo Caro- Coria del Río, SPAIN

The theme for this meeting was “Legendary heroes”, a topic of interest for the students which offered them the opportunity to rediscover the Legend of Hercules. According to the Spanish legend, the  city of Seville, was founded by Hercules himself, the famous character of legend.
“The twelve labors of Hercules”
were studied and represented by drawings and personal texts by the students in each school. These drawings were then included in PowerPoint  and presented by the students of the six countries at the meeting in Spain.


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Before this meeting , other preparatory activities took place in each local school  such as:
•  Students’ preparations for the presentations in English;
•  Linguistic , cultural preparations of the  pupils who were to travel to Spain;
• The students sought information about Spain (culture, history, traditions) and learned a few  basic words and phrases in Spanish;

The meeting program in SPAIN  included daily learning and training activities for students. They chose and joined mixed-nationality workshops on the theme of the meeting like:

  1. Dance 
  2. Mosaic
  3. Theatre
  4. Disguise and Costume Making


During these activities  teachers held working sessions where they   set dates, themes and all travel details for the future meeting of the project in Romania as well as the dates and themes for the next meetings.

There were meetings  with officials of the city Coria del Rio, a reception at City Hall Coria del Rio where the participants shared their impressions about the project Erasmus Plus.


The entire activity of the meeting was assessed by questionnaires designed and applied by the coordinating country, Sweden, and was  disseminated through local media newspaper  article and meetings with local officials and community members.


All those present at the meeting, students and teachers were thrilled to be during five  days in these “ legendary places”  , to study spot stories and legends, learn about the impressive traditions, history and culture of  the Spanish, so the famous worldwide.