Edsbyn, Sweden

           16-17 November 2015               


Our project started with the transnational meeting in Sweden, the coordinating country, in November 2015. On this occasion the members of the project teams from the six countries met to know each other better, and prepare in detail the next stages of our project.

The project reunion was conducted according to the schedule of activities in the days of Monday, November 16th  and Tuesday, November 17th , 2015 in Celsiusskolan School 7-9 from Edsbyn, Sweden and attended by 2-3 teachers from each partner institution in, Germany, Hungary ,Romania,  Spain, Turkey and, of course, the host country, Sweden..

The meeting started with a short visit of the school and presentation of the interim results of the project by the Swedish students. Then the country representatives made presentations of the schools, cities and the regions of origin.


The Coordinating teacher from Sweden made a review of the project, evaluating and presenting the Swedish National Agency comments on the application, all of which have provided a starting point in planning the future activities. Also there  were explained and discussed financial aspects concerning the proper use of Erasmus funds.

The teachers  participated to an workshop in Swedish culture, food and to leisure activities all organised by the Swedish school.




There were applied initial, ongoing and final questionnaires related to the organization of the meeting in Sweden and the project development.



At the end of the meeting there were established the calendar of the mobilities in the first year of the project and were discussed the activities to be undertaken until the next mobility in Germany, the city Erkrath, School Gymnasium Neandertal , planned in  February 2016:
– Creating the site of the project by the school from Romania,
– Setting up the Facebook group of students,
– Submission  of images to achieve a calendar Erasmus +
– Translation of stories / legends / saga to be presented at the next meeting of the project and
– Creation of drawings for the competition of selection of the project logo.