Activity No C4
Type of activity:  Short term exchange of students
Place: Edsbyn, SWEDEN
Date:   6th – 10th  March  2017

The activities were carried out as scheduled, over five days:  from Monday,  6th to  Friday,  10th  March  2017,  at School Celsiusskolan 7-9  Edsbyn,  SWEDEN.

The theme of the meeting was “Contemporary Legends”,  all teams doing preparatory activities in  their own schools before the  meeting.Thus the students in each country presented local contemporary legends and also  presented a famous writer for children.

The week began with the school principal’s welcome speech, meeting with the Mayor of Edsbyn, who referred to the importance of the European projects for schools and a education  representative of the local council  who spoke about the region and about the Swedish education system.

The purpose of this meeting was to involve students in producing a film, “The Silver of Timsberg”, after a local Swedish legend.

The pupils created the props, the soundtrack and filmed as real actors.

All this was possible in the following workshops:

  •   Creative artwork (making “drops of silver”)
  •  Creative artwork (making goat masks)
  •  Learn to play the flute
  •   Learn to sing Swedish folklore

The  students learned to sing flute, make wooden objects for decoration, sing a traditional Swedish song, and play the roles in front of the camera.

They communicated a lot, learned, made friends, it was tiresome but also pleasant, and at the end they were very proud of what they did.